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About Alberobello
The uniqueness of Alberobello lies in the charming trulli, stone-built dwellings that give a fairy-tale feel to this Unesco heritage site.
Many day-trippers visit, but the town remains essentially unspoilt. The food is delicious - fresh and reasonably priced, using the locally produced olive oil.

  • www.alberobello.net
  • www.comune.alberobello.ba.it
  • www.trulliland.it

  • How to reach the town:

    car: take your time - it is a long way down through Italy

    train: overnight is most comfortable, then you can take the local line right to Alberobello

  • www.cff.ch
  • www.fseonline.it

  • plane: to Bari or Brindisi

  • www.seap-puglia.it
  • www.easyjet.com